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Dec 1, 2011

Thanks from the Group.

On behalf of the Group, I would wish to put on record our kindest thanks to Provost Dennis Agnew of West Dunbartonshire Council, his colleagues, known as the Waterfront Councillors, Marie McNair, Gail Casey, Jim Brown and Willie Hendry.

Reason being for this that in recognition of the Group having won the all Scotland award as the top volunteer health organisation in the country the Management Committee was invited to lunch at the Beardmore hotel on Friday 25 November by the aforementioned.

I can say without hesitation, that it was a wonderful gesture much appreciated by the Group, good food, good conversation, a few laughs .

Also as a change for us, it was very informal, for once business took a back seat and relaxation was the order of the day.

Once again, thank you Provost and Councillors, because of this, the already well known bond between us and WDC has become, if it was possible, even stronger.

Submitted by Joe O’Neil

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