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Jul 23, 2015

International Asbestos Memorial Unveiling

After more than a decade during which we had to suffer setbacks and frustration, while at the same time having to raise many thousands of pounds from individuals and organisations from all over the world, the memorial has at last been completed.

The unveiling of this beautiful work of art was finally unveiled on May 30th.


This was a very emotional event, when many of those who have lost loved ones were in attendance, including some grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who have sadly passed away.


We had the great privilege of having Fiona Maguire, the widow of the late Frank to lead the unveiling party.


Frank Maguire was the man who led the fight to attain justice in his capacity as a solicitor advocate and lawyer. He fought long and hard for those in Clydebank, both the victims and their families. He was a great friend to the Clydebank Asbestos Group and his work to bring about justice involved him in leading the fight to gain major changes in legislation to benefit those victims and families.International Asbestos Memorial


Those included were the rights of families to damages “Mesothelioma Scotland” 2007, which enabled families to receive compensation, where before the claim died with claimant. He was also instrumental in formulating the Damages ”Scotland Act 2011 and the Damages “Asbestos-related Conditions“ Act 2009.


He was a gentleman of the highest order, we in Clydebank will be ever grateful for his friendship and legacy.


In her address to those present, an emotional Fiona spoke of these things and his great regard for the people of Clydebank and spoke with pride of the fact that two of their sons were present at this event.


Provost Douglas McAllister in his address told those assembled prior to the unveiling that this was his proudest moment as Provost.International Asbestos Memorial


The unveiling took place led by Fiona, accompanied by Bob Dickie, Dave Colraine, Hope Robertson and Joe O’Neil.


The Group would like to thank Fiona for travelling so far to lead the ceremony. We would also thank all M.P’s, MSP,s former MP’s and MSP’s , and local councilors for their attendance which showed their support for the Group and the victims and families.


As always, we would say a special thanks to the Provost and West Dunbartonshire Council, not only for the civic reception, but also for their wonderful support over the past two decades.

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