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Apr 27, 2010

John McFall

John  McFall retired as MP for the West Dunbartonshire constituency at the dissolution of the present parliament on 12 April 2010.

John first entered parliament on June 11 1987.  During that period he held various positions, both in opposition and then in government.

He was the person as Chairman of the committee who, in his summing up, made it clear to the Banks and Financial Instituations, that he was less than pleased with their conduct during the current recession.

However, we as a Group, would talk about things more relative to our clients.

His work on behalf of victims of  asbestos  related  conditions is unsurpassed for a person of his rank in government

Added to this, John during his tenure was always present at the AGM's of this group and ensured that our members were aware of any situation relative to asbestos victims and their families.

Apart from that, he was always on hand to talk about issues that affected the community at large.

John would be less than pleased if I went on about his good works, he looked upon his position  as a duty, obligation and a privelege to those who elected him.

The best tribute that we can pay to John, is,that whoever replaces  him gives this group half the support we received from him,  we will be delighted

John, good luck to you in whatever you may do in the future, our thoughts are with you, your wfe and your family.

Submitted by Joe O'Neil

on behalf of the Management Committee

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