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Latest News

May 24, 2010

Gemma Doyle M.P.

Gemma Doyle was elected as the Member of Parliament for the newly named constituency of Dunbartonshire West at the recent General Election.

She takes the place of the retired John McFall, who was a great friend of this group.

Gemma had a massive majority and we congratulate her on her victory.

During the course of the campaign, Gemma was the only candidate that took the time to request a meeting with the group in order to learn more about us and take on board any issues or concerns we may have had.

After that meeting, we are in no doubt that she recognises the serious problems faced by asbestos victims and we are certain that during her tenure as M.P., she will not hesitate to either support any legislation which will assist those victims, or oppose any moves which would could set back the progress we have made over the past years.

We wish Gemma good luck in her new position and look forward to many years of cooperation with her.

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