Asbestos Related Disease Support Group - Helping Victims of Asbestos

Welcome to the Clydebank Asbestos Group Website.

The Titan Crane, Clydebank


The website now provides a much needed platform for asbestos sufferers and bereaved relatives. It is an educational resource; to provide up to the minute information on issues which are normally difficult to access.

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The Clydebank Asbestos Group is a volunteer organisation set up in 1992 to help provide support, advice and information for victims of asbestos and their families.

We are part of the Clydeside Asbestos Partnership which also includes the Greater Glasgow Health Board, West Dunbartonshire Council and Clydebank Health Issues Group.

Asbestos could soon outstrip motor accidents as a cause of premature death in Britain. However, the most important aspect of this website for anyone with an association to the Clydebank area is the fact that it has been empirically confirmed by respected academics that this area has the highest percentage of asbestos-related disease per head of population, certainly in the UK by a large measure and probably through out Europe.

In Great Britain it is estimated that in each and every year 10,000 workers die a slow and painful death from the effects of an industrial disease.

If you are seeking further information on any of the subjects covered by this website you can contact us either via the messageboard, by e-mail at or phone us on 0141 951 1008.