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Alimta Campaign - Petition PE1006

Alimta Until lately, mesothelioma sufferers received the same treatment as other cancer sufferers namely chemotherapy. More recently a company called Lilly put a treatment on the market called Alimta (Permetrexed Disodium).

When this treatment recently came before the Scottish Medical Council, the Clydebank Asbestos Group made representations on behalf of our sufferers saying that this treatment should be made available to all mesothelioma victims based on need. The drug was then accepted by the Scottish Medical Council S.M.C.. It should be noted here that Alimta is now used in Scotland in conjunction with chemotherapy.


However in England the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.) did the appraisal for South of the Border, and in their opinion the drug did not give value for money. In their synopsis they saw that there were definite benefits for mesothelioma sufferers, but the overriding principle in this case was cost - so the treatment is now denied to Mesothelioma sufferers in England.

We think this is completely unacceptable and the Clydebank Asbestos Group will be standing alongside all of the progressive forces in England to ensure that this treatment is made available to all. A further problem here is that this decision can undermine all of the good work done in Scotland to get this drug made available to mesothelioma sufferers. We now have a fight on our hands to keep Alimta available to mesothelioma sufferers in Scotland.

That is why the Clydebank Asbestos Group has tabled a Petition PE1006 to the Scottish Parliament for the retention of Alimta for Mesothelioma victims. We believe that the very suggestion that there is a treatment for Mesothelioma sufferers and they are being denied that treatment is an absolute affront and a disgrace to any civilised society.

The overwhelming principle here should be based on need, and at this point in time the only treatment available to mesothelioma victims is Alimta. We ask you, the people of Scotland to support our fight for these deserving sufferers, who have a hard enough fight without this undue pressure.


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On the 30th October 2006 the Public Petitions Committee heard from Bob Dickie, Tommy Gorman and Joan Baird and agreed to write to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and NHS QIS and to seek views on the petition from Greater Glasgow Health Board, Lothian and Borders Health Board, Tayside Health Board and the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research and to seek the views of the petitioner on the responses received.


Click HERE to view the transcripts of the full official report from this meeting

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