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About us

The Clydebank Asbestos Group is a volunteer organisation set up in 1992 by David Colraine and his friends to help provide support, advice and information for victims of asbestos and their families.


In the beginning David and his wife Jean kept the group running by putting their hands in their own pockets.  Their generosity and dogged determination over a period of many years helped build Clydebank Asbestos Group.


The Group has continued to expand and adapt as time goes on and has formed strong links with a diverse network of support organisations.


We work with the West Dunbartonshire Council Improving the Cancer Journey and Macmillan Cancer Support benefits teams as well as the WDC Advice Partnership Network, Energy Action Scotland, Mesothelioma UK and the Scottish Mesothelioma Network.


The Group’s partnership with these organisations means we can take a holistic approach to supporting our clients, helping with emotional as well as practical needs.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, we are here to help and support you in any way you need. Please contact us on 0141 951 1008 or fill in our contact form below and we will contact you.

Meet the team


Margaret Waddell


Margaret chairs regular board meetings. She ensures that everyone’s voice is heard at meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and that decisions are followed through.


Christine Sawyer


Christine carries out the Chairperson’s duties in the absence of Margaret.


Anne Dalziel


Anne is in charge of day-to-day financial duties such as book-keeping, budgeting and preparation of monthly reports. She also has a major role in producing CAG’s annual report.


Kate Ferrier


Kate organises board meetings, takes minutes and handles the charity’s correspondence together with keeping records of membership.

Rachel Gallagher.JPG

Rachel Gallagher

Charity Coordinator

Rachel promotes and develops the aims of CAG. She works with clients as well as with the board and other interested parties, including clinicians and partnership agencies, to develop the charity.


Elaine Millar


Elaine makes sure that any decisions made put the needs of all CAG clients first. They safeguard the charity’s assets and in particular the reputation of the charity.


Theresa Jones


Theresa is former Charity Coordinator and now continues to share her knowledge and experience voluntarily for the benefit of our clients.


Bob Dickie


Bob is former Chairperson and now freely gives his time to assist and support people affected by asbestos-related disease to claim their rightful benefits and compensation.

Frances McInally NEW.jpg

Frances McInally


Frances freely gives her time to assist and support people affected by asbestos-related disease to claim their rightful benefits and compensation.


Victoria Kildea


Victoria freely gives her time to assist and support people affected by asbestos-related disease to claim their rightful benefits and compensation.

Adele Kane NEW.jpg

Adele Kane

Adminstration Officer

Adele's role revolves around managing the office and her responsibilities range from answering the phone and maintaining office records to assisting clients.


Scotland has had a long association with the asbestos industry. Scottish entrepreneurs were among the pioneers in developing the manufacture of asbestos products, with the first companies appearing in the 1870s. One account suggests that it was two Scottish businessmen who first introduced the mineral to the United Kingdom, establishing the Patent Asbestos Manufacturing Company in Glasgow to process asbestos, imported initially from Canada in 1871.


In 2014 Clydebank Asbestos Group commissioned Jephson Robb, and internationally recognised artist, to design a memorial as a tribute to all those, known and unknown, who have died of an asbetos-related disease.


The memorial is an impressive feature in the heart of the town centre and was unveiled on 30th May 2015 by Fiona Maguire, the widow of Frank Maguire, an iconic figure in the fight for Truth and Justice.


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