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CAG funds mesothelioma nurse post

Updated: Jul 5

CAG is delighted to now be funding a clinical nurse specialist team leader post in Glasgow.

CAG will be donating to Mesothelioma UK to fund the post of their Clinical Nurse Specialist Team Leader in Scotland, Carolyn MacRae. 

Carolyn is a mesothelioma clinical nurse specialist based at NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. Carolyn provides care and support for mesothelioma patients in the Glasgow and Clyde region.

Theresa Jones, CAG Chair, said:

“We are delighted to be able to allow the continuation of Carolyn and her team’s great work. I have known Carolyn for a number of years and here at CAG, we are looking forward to continuing our working relationship whilst also supporting the NHS.”

Liz Darlison, CEO of Mesothelioma UK, said:

“CAG’s commitment to funding this nursing post demonstrates their dedication to advancing healthcare and making a difference.” 



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