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The Board at Clydebank Asbestos Group


Theresa Jones


Theresa is former CAG Charity Coordinator and now continues to share her knowledge and experience as Chairperson.

Theresa joined Clydebank Asbestos Group in March 2019 having previously worked in the Macmillan Benefit Team at West Dunbartonshire Council as a Welfare Rights officer.

During her time as a Welfare Rights officer, Theresa established two welfare benefit clinics, in the Lung Cancer Clinics at the Vale of Leven Hospital and Gartnavel General Hospital.

As CAG’s Chairperson Theresa is able to draw upon her background in welfare rights to assist those affected by asbestos-related disease with benefit and legal advice.

In her spare time, Theresa enjoys travelling and spending time with her family, including her new grandson.


Christine Sawyer


Christine carries out the Chairperson’s duties in the absence of Theresa.


Anne Dalziel


Anne is in charge of day-to-day financial duties such as book-keeping, budgeting and preparation of monthly reports. She also has a major role in producing CAG’s annual report.

Kate website photo.jpg

Kate Ferrier


Kate organises board meetings, takes minutes and handles the charity’s correspondence together with keeping records of membership.


Elaine Millar


Elaine is a Welfare Rights Officer in the Macmillan Benefit Team, within West Dunbartonshire’s Working4U Service. In this role, Elaine has also worked in a range of different projects and partnerships over the years.  Most notably, in 2007 Elaine set up and established the Macmillan Benefit Team within the Beatson WOSCC.  This was the first service of its kind with a welfare rights service imbedded within a hospital setting. The service remains to this day.

As a CAG Trustee Elaine makes sure that any decisions made put the needs of all CAG clients first. Along with the rest of the Board she safeguards the charity’s assets and in particular the reputation of the charity.

In her spare time, Elaine enjoys spending time with her family and recently welcomed a new grandson.  Elaine also enjoys walking, baking and is an avid reader.

Bll Clark photo.jpg

Bill Clark


Bill joined the CAG board as a Trustee in 2023.

Bill has worked in social work and health in various local government and university roles throughout his career.

He retired in 2009 from his work as the Director of Social Work and Health for West Dunbartonshire Council. Since then he has been Macmillan Cancer Support’s social care adviser.

Along with Tommy Gorman he helped establish a unique partnership with West Dunbartonshire, the Greater Glasgow NHS Board and CAG to tackle the human costs of asbestos related disease.

As a Trustee, Bill makes sure that any decisions made put the needs of all CAG clients first. As part of the Board he safeguards the charity’s assets and in particular the reputation of the charity.

Laura Evans photo cropped.jpg

Laura Evans


Laura joined the Board as a Trustee in 2022.


Laura was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in October 2020, and since May 2021, she has been cancer free.


Laura feels that Clydebank Asbestos Group helped her when she needed it the most and believes that being part of the Board helps her give something back by raising awareness and sharing her experience of once having Mesothelioma.


As part of the West Dunbartonshire HSCP Laure redesigns services within the care sector and enjoys making changes to processes which helps people’s day-to-day lives. 


In her spare time Laura loves going to restaurants, being active, and holidays.

Mike photo.jpg

Mike Thomson


Mike joined as a CAG board member in 2022.


For the last 10 years Mike has been working as a senior Compliance Officer with West Dunbartonshire Council dealing with the management of asbestos containing materials in the council’s operational and housing premises. He is qualified in asbestos management and surveying.


As part of his duties Mike carries out asbestos awareness training to trades people and those who instruct works where asbestos may be present.


The training is very important in making people aware of the dangers of exposure to asbestos containing materials not only to themselves but also to others who may be affected by their works.


Mike has supported CAG over many years dealing with clients enquiries and helping to advise on matters in relation to asbestos management.

Andy Mclinden photo.jpg

Andy McLinden


Andy joined the CAG board as a Trustee in 2022.


Andy has worked in various local government roles throughout his career.

He now works for Macmillan Cancer Support as a Programme Manager for the roll-out of the Macmillan Improving the Cancer Journey Service, across the Greater Glasgow & Clyde health board area.

As a Trustee, Andy makes sure that any decisions made put the needs of all CAG clients first.


Scotland has had a long association with the asbestos industry. Scottish entrepreneurs were among the pioneers in developing the manufacture of asbestos products, with the first companies appearing in the 1870s. One account suggests that it was two Scottish businessmen who first introduced the mineral to the United Kingdom, establishing the Patent Asbestos Manufacturing Company in Glasgow to process asbestos, imported initially from Canada in 1871.


In 2014 Clydebank Asbestos Group commissioned Jephson Robb, and internationally recognised artist, to design a memorial as a tribute to all those, known and unknown, who have died of an asbetos-related disease.


The memorial is an impressive feature in the heart of the town centre and was unveiled on 30th May 2015 by Fiona Maguire, the widow of Frank Maguire, an iconic figure in the fight for Truth and Justice.


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