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One million steps to mark Global Asbestos Awareness Week 2021

Team walked an incredible 1,899,570 steps in total!

Last week our volunteers and staff along with staff from Asbestos Action and the Industrial Disease Team at Digby Brown, pledged to walk one million steps to mark Global Asbestos Awareness Week 2021 – and we are delighted to say we beat that target!

A team of around 25 walkers aimed to walk 140,000 steps every day between April 1-7 with the added hope of raising £3,000 for ourselves and Asbestos Action.

Our combined efforts have seen us take over 1.7million steps in aid of Mesothelioma. Not only have we reached our goal in steps and donations - we have exceeded both!

What an amazing way of marking 17 years of Global Asbestos Awareness Week!

Everyone associated with Clydebank Asbestos Group would like to thank all of those involved in 'The One Million Steps for Meso' challenge.

It has also been a great achievement in spreading the word - MESO - in the hope it encourages a national conversation about this deadly disease.

A huge thank you to all the walkers and to our supporters for your fabulous donations, and particularly to Digby Brown for organising this challenge and willingly taking part

John Fearn, Manager of Asbestos Action, said: “Thanks to all. A really impressive total.

“At a time when the charity's donations have been hit hard it is most welcome.”

Fraser Simpson Head of The Industrial Disease Team at Digby Brown, said: “With such a high volume of walking – especially after working from home and sitting at a desk for a long time – there were times our feet and legs started to feel wobbly but seeing the totals for our step count and the Just Giving page increase really inspired us all to keep going."

Now, with the challenge over, the final tally stands at 1,899,570 steps.

There is still time to donate to both charities through the Just Giving page -



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